Forging Friendships - 15th Oct, St Ann's Church Royton

Mufti Helal Mahmood and Fazal Rahim of Oldham Interfaith forum received a warm welcome from Rev. James Read and the Sunday morning congregations at the two morning services of St Anne's Church, Royton.

Rev. James Read of St Anne's Church Royton Mufti Helal speaking to congregation of St Anne's Royton Fazal Rahim speaking to congregation of St Anne'sRoon Fazal Rahim in discussion at St Anne's Royton St Anne's Church RoytonMufti Helal Mahmood in discussion at St Anne's Royton

Born in Oldham Mufti Helal spoke of his life growing up in - and of his affection for the town and of how he found his calling within his faith. 
Fazal Rahim spoke of his experiences as an immigrant coming to the UK in the 1970's.

Any Questions - Royton, Oct 9th

This session "Any Questions on Faith" was presented by Churches Together Royton & Oldham Interfaith Forum and hosted by Trinity Methodist Church, Royton.

Our thanks to our hosts, the panel - Rabbi Warren Elf, Jit Kara, Fth. Phil Sumner, Rev. James Reid and Mufti Helal Mahmood and to all present for their participation, questions and discussion.

churches together royton and oldham interfaih forum - let's end hate crime


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