Oldham Interfaith Forum

Many Faiths - One Community

The Year 2021

A review of the past year in the Interfaith forum and of our members activities in 2021.
Introduced by Fth. Philip Sumner.

Feastival of Light 2021 in Queen Elizabeth Hall, Oldham

Photos from the Festival of Light 2021 ►

Recent News

Inside Stories: Introducing Places of Worship

A set of videos for schools, exploring what goes on in four places of worship: a Christian Church, an Hindu Temple, a Mosque, and a Synagogue.


Teaching Resource - Inside Stories: Places of Worship

  • the church: presented by fth. philip sumner
  • the mandir: presented by krishnakumari sisodia
  • the mosque: presented by mufti helal mahmood mbe
  • the synagogue: presented by rabbi daniel walker

A series of videos for schools and public organisations, explaining in a plain and immersive way, what happens inside the places of worship of four major faiths.

Covid-19 Information.

Links to Information about Covid -19 Vaccines

Links to a range of information relating to faith and health matters during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our Aims and Objectives

  • To foster mutual understanding.
  • To facilitate co-operative action.
  • To be a representative voice for faith communities in Oldham.
  • To relate to other inter-faith initiatives.
  • To be autonomous and non-party political.
  • To work for and from mutual acceptance, without compromise to the beliefs of members.

Our Belief

Oldham Interfaith Forum upholds the right of each individual to live by her/his faith. We believe that all faith groups have a part to play in promoting community cohesion.

Our Membership

Membership is open to faith communities which have a place of worship in Oldham. Currently, faith communities which take up those places are from Christian, Muslim and Hindu backgrounds. Members from other faiths who do not have a recognised place of worship in Oldham can be co-opted onto the Forum committee.