Our Mission

The mission of Oldham Interfaith Forum is to promote harmony, understanding and cooperation between all members of the community, especially with regard to issues that relate to faith & belief.

Oldham Interfaith Forum will contribute to Oldham being an integrated society where no-one is excluded because of their faith, race, culture or origin; a town where everyone is valued and has a sense of belonging.

In its dealings with people of all faiths and none, Oldham Interfaith Forum will be open, friendly and supportive; will be respectful and sensitive, acting responsibly with transparency and integrity.

Our role in the Local Authority

The Oldham Interfaith Forum has a civic role in working with Oldham Council in major public events which bring together people of different faith groups and of none. Its role is to provide with help and advice in the conduct of civic events;

We play an active role in the:

Local Strategic Partnership Executive and Steering Groups

  •  Community, Safety and Cohesion Partnership
  •  Preventing Violent Extremism

Oldham Interfaith Forum has played a supporting role for teachers in schools and colleges where religious education is now multifaith.

Evaluation of Oldham Interfaith Forum Project for Building Good Community Relations

Download the PDF document "Evaluation of Oldham Interfaith Forum.pdf"