Ramadan Advice during COVID-19 pandemic

The Muslim Council of Britain has issued guidance on COVID-19 and Ramadan. 

MCB guidance includes updated information on who may be exempt from the fast.  Though some individuals in these groups may still prefer to carry out the fast. These include:

  • All those who are unable to fast due to illness (physical or mental) or being very frail
  • Women menstruating or with lochia discharge
  • Pregnant or lactating women who have credible concerns about their own or their child’s health
  • Travellers
  • Healthcare staff required to provide care to Covid-19 patients at real risk of dehydration and making clinical errors due to wearing PPE and long shifts

The WHO have also released guidance.  This states that there have been no studies of fasting and risk of COVID-19 infection. They recommend that healthy people should be able to fast during this Ramadan as in previous years. COVID-19 patients may consider breaking the fast in consultation with their doctors.


Women Growing Together Celebration - March 19 2020

Women Growing Together Celebration - March 19 2020

Following the success of last year’s women’s October 2019 event the ‘Women Growing Together’ interfaith group, invite you to their 2020 celebration evening, on  Thursday 19th March 2020, 6pm at the Chadderton Suite, Oldham Civic Centre.

This year’s event will include inspirational young female guest speakers from across 4 different faiths and an opportunity for interactive group discussion and networking. 
A light buffet and refreshments will also be served.

women growing together

Entrance is free by booking in advance Book for this Event ►

RSE Conference

Mufti Helal Mahmood MBE facilitated 2 workshops at the RSE Conference held on the 6th November 2019.
Participants were impressed at how we were working in Oldham collectively to deliver a sensible syllabus of Relationships Education in Our town.


Music and Faith - a Discussion

Poster for Music and Faith discussion

A Discussion was held at the Madina Institute on the 22nd of October.

There was input from the Christian, Hindu & Muslim perspective. 

The Imam of the Mosque sang a Nasheed (Muslim hymn) with a dhaff.

the Dhaff being played
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